Welcome to the home of Mike Mezeul II Photography. While you’re here, please take a look at some of the incredible images I’ve captured over the years and indulge in the content I’m giving away that is guaranteed to help you shoot images just like these. If you would like some hands on training, I offer destination, local, and online workshops. If you are looking for someone to cover your family portraits or your big wedding day, please contact me. Finally, if there is any image you think would look great on your wall, feel free to stop by my store for some prints I hope you’ll love.Mike


Through my workshops, I do my best to teach my participants everything that I can about capturing a stunning image with a certain subject matter. I thoroughly enjoy teaching and nothing is more rewarding than seeing participants walk away from a workshop with their minds blown and a handful of new portfolio images!


  • 24/7 access to my brain
  • Be taken to secret locations that many overlook
  • Portfolio reviews and critiques



Are you ready to take your photography to the next level? No matter whether you’re a semi-professional or just learning how to turn your camera on, I’d love to help you grow. Take some time to read through my blog posts where you can learn some tips and tricks, and also read how some of my most popular images were created. Want to know more about a certain subject? Shoot me a message and let me know what you suggest, I’ll do my best to cover your question in an upcoming blog.


See something you like? Why not see it in person and make it part of your home. From HUGE metal prints all the way down to mousepads, we have a huge store of amazing art that can be yours today.

Items Available

  • Canvas Prints
  • Paper Prints
  • Metal Prints
  • Image Licensing


Latest Blogs

Come read some of my favorite stories about my images, learn how to advance your photography skills, and hear about what gear I feel is best out in the field!


If you’re looking for a special moment to be covered, I’d love to be there camera-in-hand! From weddings to family portraits to sporting events and more, I have and can do it all. Please take a moment to check out my portfolios and if you feel my style suits your fancy, please contact me!