It’s so important to me that you feel inspired to come along on one of my workshops. Not only through my imagery, but hearing the stories of previous workshop participants and seeing some of the images they walked away with. Below you will find true testimonials from some of the many participants I’ve had the pleasure of teaching.

— Mike

I have been on two of Mike Mezeul’s Workshop, Death Valley in February, and Banff in Canada in November. I have also been on workshops with other instructors/guides enough to say that Mike is my favorite for a couple of reasons. First is class size, a smaller group that allows more one on one with the instructor. Next are locations, locations that Mike knows well, knows where and more importantly when to get that awesome shot, but also has a backup spot in mind if weather throws us a curve. Lastly, is Mike. Mike is truly a good guy driven by his love of landscape photography and his passion to share his knowledge with others. I know that I have become a better photographer because of Mike, in fact I have signed up for two more Workshops, Hawaii in a few Days and Iceland in November.

— Allen B. from Crosby, Tx

I’ve been out with Mike on 5 workshops, three were with another additional instructor and the other two with three or four students. what I like about Mikes’ workshops is that he knows the area and will stay out until we are ready to go. I go on workshops to take photos and learn how to photograph different scenarios. Mike is always available during the shoot and even for questions on anything “after hours” . Got two more workshops scheduled with him this year.

— John S. from East Vineland, New Jersey

Thanks much for an awesome workshop. I got the most incredible photos of any workshop, not to mention having lots of fun (and exercise). You really helped me with your photo tips.

— John B. from Plano, Texas

My sister, a friend, and I were fortunate enough to participate in one of Mike’s workshops to Death Valley. What a fantastic experience! The three of us all came home with a much better understanding of how to use our cameras (despite the fact that we use the “other” brand) and how to compose our shots. Mike is a phenomenal photographer and a fantastic teacher. He knew exactly where to go to shoot for great sunrise and sunset shots and not a minute of the workshop was wasted. We were taught aspects of Photoshop, Lightroom and Mike’s workflow when the sun was at a less than optimal point for shooting. We were very impressed, but even more important, we had so much fun! I subsequently attended another workshop to Arches National Park and came home with more great memories – meeting new friends and capturing the Milky Way at night. I can’t wait for another trip!

— Leslee H. from Plano, Texas

I love Mike’s workshops. I attended the astrophotography workshop at Ft. Griffin and the Banff workshop in June this year (2016). I learned more from Mike in those two sessions than all my previous workshops combined.

Let me explain: I’ve attended several workshops with other leaders. On one, the critique was undeservedly bruising. On one, the critique wasn’t really critique (no constructive criticism). Some were simply photo tours, and that’s OK – I didn’t expect instruction there. I’d gotten to a point where I considered myself a good photographer, but I didn’t feel like I was still growing.

Mike shook me out of my rut. He suggested different ways to look at my subjects. He gave us assignments before the day’s shoot, so we had a challenge. He explained how he decides when and where to shoot. He told us why the sunrises were likely to be more impressive than the sunsets in Banff, and how he researches a location before he even starts a trip. He taught me how to market my work better.

I’m hooked, and I’ll be taking at least one workshop with Mike every year.

— Anita O. from Carrollton, Texas

I met Mike on my very first photography workshop ever in the Ozarks of Arkansas. I think he discovered pretty fast that I was a beginner and did not know how to use my camera. Fortunately for me, he used Nikon and was able to help me tremendously with the settings and allowed me to get some good photographs. He was so nice to me, the following year, I signed up for another workshop to Death Valley, then Banff Canada and finally San Francisco. I met some truly wonderful people on all these workshops and felt very comfortable going on photo shoots with the groups. I was able to leave each workshop with new found knowledge about how to use more features on my camera and the ability to shoot better compositions. If Mike had not made me feel so welcome and helped me as much as he did, I would not have been able to achieve the success I had this year at our State Fair. For the first time ever entering a photograph in a contest, I entered 21 photographs and was awarded one best in show, six first place, three second place and two third place. Our state fair is not as large as some, but they did have 1,100 photos entered and used three out-of-state judges and set a record attendance of 1.1 million people. I can’t wait to go on a workshop with Mike in 2017.

— Sharon T. from Tulsa, Oklahoma

I’ve been to Big Bend and Death Valley with Mike, my wife has been to San Francisco (Mike let me tag along), and I’m already signed up for Iceland in 2017. Although I was comfortable with my equipment, I was having a hard time with the limited exposure latitude available in digital photography. Mike not only taught me techniques to make me a better photographer, he also showed me things about my camera that I had no idea were available. I’ve seen him work with beginners and near professionals and everybody has come away better photographers. Highly recommended.

— Mark S. from San Diego, California

I had the opportunity of a lifetime at the time Mike asked if I wanted to join his Death Valley workshop in 2014. It was my first photography workshop and I’m so ecstatic that I decided to go because it was worth more than I could imagine. It’s one thing taking lessons and tidbits from a talented photographer, but Mike is down to Earth and genuine and makes sure every student on the workshop is paid with the attention they need and answers any questions asked. The experience was awesome and opened my eyes to new ways of capturing what’s around us. There’s no doubt that I’ll be taking another workshop soon.

— Chantelle P. from Fort Worth,

I’ve taken two workshops with Mike, Big Bend Astrophotography and Hawaii Lava Flow, and had wonderful experiences with both. In the short time since working with Mike, I feel like my technical skills have improved markedly. I’ve been able to take what I’ve learned and apply it to my own style and other to types of photography. To me this is the mark of a good teacher, to not just teach students how to mimic great shots, but to take basic understandings and then use those to develop their own voice. The workshops are well scouted and organized while being flexible to account for changing weather conditions. Mike’s ability to adapt on the fly and reach out to local resources for current information seems like a bottomless well. Add to all that the fact that he’s personable and easy to get along with, and you’ve got a win-win scenario. His workshops are great fun and a great learning experience. I can’t recommend them enough.

— Lisa R. from Austin, Texas

I have had the pleasure of attending two of Mike Mezeul’s workshops. The first of which was the Big Bend workshop where we met up with a friendly little brown bear, adventured to the ghost town of Terlingua to shoot the stars and Milky Way, and another night outing to shoot at the abandoned movie set of Contrabando.

Mike is a good-natured guy with a smile and a passion for teaching photography about the size of Texas. Be ready to kick your adrenalin into high gear, because he has meticulously planned out your photography adventure and has scheduled ‘class’ time for you to learn the post processing techniques as well. What I noticed about Mike is that he makes sure everyone in his workshop is given equal time and instruction. He genuinely wants to help others learn to create out of this world photography.

I would also recommend the Death Valley workshop. There is a mystery and awesomeness to the desert that you won’t want to miss photographing and Mike is the guy that will teach you how.

— Lorna K. from Las Vegas, Nevada

If you’re thinking that you are ready to take your photography skills to the next level, then you really should consider attending one of Mike Mezeul’s workshops. Mike‘s photography knowledge and skills are second to none. His classes are small so you will get as much attention as needed to get the picture you are wanting. He also demonstrates his postproduction workflow so that you can better fine-tune your pictures. But it doesn’t end there. After the workshop, you are added into Mike Photo Workshop Alumni where you can ask questions and critiques about pictures you taken.

— Henry P. from Dallas, Texas

First of all, if you muster the energy to drag yourself out to whatever secret backwoods area of the world Mike has you come to for his workshops, you will become privileged to see a new kind of world. I attended the Ft. Griffin Astrophotography workshop. Once the cloud cover broke and the vastness of the milky way expanded before me, I literally stood there in tears for a while. I’m not trying to be cheesy, but I have just never imagined that looking up at the sky can be so different in a remote location vs looking up from within a major city. (Hint Hint: The location alone is worth it)

I had a blast stomping around in the wilderness with Mike and the group under red-light, laughing and learning about much more than just photography. Mike handles the group well, guiding students of various skill levels so everyone fully understands how to capture the kinds of images that made him famous.

If you attend this or any of his workshops, not only will you walk away with a stunning piece of wall art of your own, you’ll leave with at least a few new friends.

— Daniel C. from Jacksonville, FL

At our workshop at Ft. Griffin Texas, Mike introduced me to the world of night photography. It was my first venture into really learning how to use my DSLR camera and I had only a very basic understanding of how to operate it and no idea what to expect from the workshop- I just knew I wanted to take amazing photos! Mike had scouted the location ahead of time, a must for a good workshop, and was careful to circulate and give each student the right amount of attention for our skill level. Most importantly, he made sure that we had fun! I came home from the trip with some great images of the night sky that were better than anything I had ever taken, along with some new skills and a fire to learn even more. Mike’s enthusiasm for photography is contagious, and I consider that trip one that gave me a big push and a level up in my photography.

— Dave C. from Denver, Colorado

Mike Doesn’t Just Teach You Photography But Leaves You With An Experience.

I had always wanted to learn how to photograph the night sky.  Purchasing a DSLR for a trip to Africa, while in Namibia I attempted to take a picture of the milky way.  To my astonishment, with the little knowledge I had gained in a 5 week course, I had captured a rudimentary picture which only wanted me to learn more.  After searching the internet, I came across Mike’s astrophotography workshops.  I immediately signed up for a workshop but was nervous that I was too much an amateur.  I asked Mike a few questions via email, and he reassured me that I would feel comfortable.

Mike is a very good teacher, structured, organized and knowledgeable on many different levels.  On the very first night, when the sky appeared cloudy, he assured us that the type of clouds we were viewing would probably dissipate.  I was absolutely taken aback in that his prediction was spot on.  He constantly worked with us in choosing the right settings and making sure we understood his choices.

With respect to field work, he knew the exact locations to get the best pictures, but also the best viewing.  At one point where he was teaching us how to create panoramic photos of the milky way, he worked with us two at a time, where it gave me a moment to really take in where I was, what I was seeing and how magnificent it was.  It was at that point that I realized that Mike doesn’t just teach you photography but he leaves you with an experience.

We had the opportunity to have some lab time with Mike, where he was patient in teaching us a few things about Photoshop and Lightroom that would make our pictures come to life.

In conclusion, my experience with Mike has only deepened my desire to purse photography to greater a depth.

— Dan T. from Toronto Canada

I attended Mike’s San Francisco photography workshop. I am a beginner and had not used camera very much. I really needed to learn how to use my camera and become more comfortable with it. Thanks to Mike I was able to comfortably use my camera for a family vacation just a week later. I’m thrilled with the pictures I was able to take. I can’t wait to take another workshop with Mike and learn new skills and hone the ones I have already learned.

— Anne S. from San Diego, California

Photography is about more than just equipment and timing. It’s about knowing how to use the equipment you have and when the right time is. I am an amateur photographer and, at the moment, do it because it is something I love to do, not because I am making money from it. I found myself struggling trying to turn good shots into great shots. And then I met Mike. I met Mike while he was shooting a wedding in Costa Rica, and seeing the final results was amazing! After Costa Rica, I started to following him on Facebook and started to become affected by his work, in the best way possible. Mike’s ability to see what others don’t and capture the moment started a fire under me. Before Costa Rica I’d been very interested in photography I already had a great Nikon D750 but I wasn’t “there yet”, something was still missing. Then I stumbled onto Mike’s webpage. Before I every realized what I did, I was signed up for two of his workshops, Big Bend National Park and Iceland. It was an amazing opportunity to spend time with someone who is an expert in their field. Having this opportunity to learn directly from Mike was by far the most amazing, and important, thing for my photography thus far. Listening to him explain things from how to position your tripod to what to look for in a composition and then how to best use postproduction software to complete your pictures, his knowledge seems endless. I did the YouTube thing, I bought the books, but in the few days I had with Mike, my photography was taken to the next level. “You will never stop learning” he told us, and “you will never know it all” but take what you know and practice, share and get feedback. “The only way improve is to put yourself out there and see what everyone has to say”. And I’m doing just that!

— Allen R. from San Antonio, Texas, California