Frequently Asked Questions - Workshops

How quickly do your workshops sell out?

Workshops typically sell out within 72-96 hours after being announced publicly. I send out a pre-registration sign up opportunity to members of my newsletter, so if you'd like to be first in line, sign up for my newsletter! 

Congrats! You're on board for an awesome adventure where you will capture some amazing images! Shortly after signing up, you will receive an email with further instructions for the workshop. It is highly recommended to not purchase airfare until I confirm with you that the minimum number of participants for the workshop as been reached.

I've signed up, now what?

What type of photography gear do I need? 

The best camera is the one in your hand, and I truly believe that. Now, there are some limitations to gear if you haven't purchased a DSLR in the past few years. What I recommend for any landscape photography workshop is a DSLR  with a wide angle lens and/or a mid-zoom and telephoto lens. For astrophotography, there is a large difference in quality when it comes to camera. I recommend a full frame camera (ex. Nikon D810 | Canon 5dMarkIII | Sony A7RII). The reason being is these cameras have sensors that can handle the high ISO's needed to capture the night sky. You can indeed photography the stars with any camera, but there is a big difference when it comes to quality. I also recommend a sturdy trip. Please read into each workshops description and I will outline what gear is recommended for that adventure.

What physical shape do I need to be in?

Each workshop varies quite a bit when it comes to how much or how little hiking we will do. Please read into each workshops description and I will outline what kind of hikes we will be doing. All hikes are taken at slow and comfortable paces, but please know your limitations. 

Do I have to participate in every outing during the workshop?

Absolutely not. I completely understand that we will be up from early in the morning to late at night and sometimes you just need to catch up on rest. All I ask is that if you decide to skip on an outing, just please let me know in advance.

How much shooting do we do?

The simple answer is, quite a bit. You are on my workshop to learn, so I want you out shooting as much as possible. This means every sunrise, sunset and if there's a chance for night photography, we will be out. Even  during conditions that are unfavorable for most, we will be out. Although we will shoot a lot, there will still be                                                                        plenty of down time to catch some rest and edit.

It's pretty lame to enjoy these amazing places that we will be visiting by yourself, so yes, your significant other IS allowed to come! There are a few conditions though. I do not charge for them to come along but I do have a vehicle for our workshop that is set to fit only the workshop participants in, so they will need their own vehicle to follow along. Secondly, workshop accommodations are set up for double occupancy, so if your significant other does join, they will be responsible for the single room supplement fee (varies per workshop). I want your partner to enjoy their trip, but they must understand that they are on our time, which means we will not leave a shoot early for them. Lastly, the biggie, there is to be no use of any other camera besides a cell phone or point-and-shoot. 

Can I bring my spouse / significant other along?

Workshops are a great way to receive hands on training behind your camera. You will be taken to great locations with fantastic compositions waiting for you. You will learn how to use your camera to it's fullest capability, how to plan for a landscape or night sky shoot, and how to push your creativity out-of-the-box. You will also have the chance to sit down and edit your images while receiving valuable constructive criticism. 

What is the benefit of a workshop?

I do my best to keep your safety as a number one priority. No shot is worth risking your life. There will be times though were you will be in situations where conditions need to be closely monitored. That's when you will be shooting, and I will be monitoring the conditions. The biggest safety issue on a workshop is you not knowing your limitations. Each workshop varies on the amount of physical fitness required, so please read up before you sign up!

What are the dangers of a workshop?

Yes and no. All deposits are non-refundable, but if I am able to find a replacement participant for your spot, I will gladly refund your deposit. If your final payment has already been made, unfortunately we are too close to the workshop date and no refunds will be available. 

Can I cancel my spot after I've signed up?

Where permits are required, absolutely. It's important to follow the guidelines of each park as we operate, not only for safety, but to keep a level of professionalism. It's always a good idea for any workshop to ask if the instructor has a permit to operate.

Do you have a permit to operate your workshop?